about us


If you've ever worn shorts made from a towel you already know how truly wonderful they are. Comfortable. Roomy. Stylish, even... But so hard to get decent ones.

We've worn a few pair out over the years, and every time it's time to replace them they were impossible to find.

So, we were sitting on the sand one afternoon, lamenting the lack of quality product. What to do?

The only solution then, was to start making them ourselves! What do we know about making clothes? A fair bit it seems - if you want comfortable, high quality, good looking shorts made from a towel. Probably less if you want a wedding dress or a suit. Stick to your knitting we say... or shorts.

our stance on the matter

We're simple people whoshy away from complexity and too much technical detail. so, we make our shorts with just four things in mind :

  • make them comfy, REALLY comfy.
  • make them look good by using nice patterns, designs and styles
  • always use the nicest fabric
  • keep them affordable